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Yeah, we made that…

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeupEver stopped into a store and you could tell they just loved what they do? We hope you get that sense every time you drop by to see us at the bakery! Sure we may have flour in our hair, or peanut butter stuck to our aprons, but you know what…were having a blast doing it!

If you would have asked Jessi, the owner, or Melissa her fun loving baking sidekick, if they would have envisioned themselves taking a bite out of the gluten free world, a few years ago they answer would have definitely been a no way!!  We did this for fun, and for our families… until we began to realize, that there needs to be options and we wanted to provide those options for you, so your taste buds could rejoice once more!

Now, we journey through the hills and valleys of owning a small business, and we do it for you! Why, because we know that here in Minnesota, and lets be honest, across the USA, there are just not enough GOOD gluten free options available to us!

Our story is only beginning, and for that we are very excited, so thank you for allowing us the chance to bake up some magic for you, and in the process have a great time doing it!



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