Mixin' It Up Uncategorized Its back to school, are we ready?!

Its back to school, are we ready?!

Its that time of year again! The one where all of us parents take a large, collective sigh, the first few days of the school year, where I want to cling to the lazy days of summer, and I am yet not fully ready to embrace the hectic school year schedule and all that comes with it.  But… I am kind of ready for the steadiness that comes with having a set schedule…

One of the challenges that many of us face during the school year is school lunches. While many schools in our communities do lunches well, those who face severe allergies, and intolerances there is constantly that extra added stress of not knowing how to protect our kids from the onslaught of things they may or may not be exposed too.

I have 3 kids, in 2 different schools, with different set of food challenges we face on a daily basis. Whether it is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, or a mixture of any number of other food sensitivities we face, it is always stressful not being there (yes I can be at times a bit of a helicopter mom, but I digress) and making sure they are getting what is best for them.

That struggle is real, for many of us moms, it is frightening!

With Pinterest, Google, and Blogs a plenty, there is no shortage of ideas on how to tackle these things, and often in our world, to be honest, simple is just…simple. And as a working mom, I need simple. So we do a lot (dont judge) of lunch meat or sunbutter and jelly sandwhichs. They are a simple items in the rush and chaos of a school morning that the kids can help make and they enjoy being a part of their lunch! 

One way we have made it easier, and as many of you know, is one of my favorites, are our dollar buns, small enough to eat in one sitting for a little one, easy to slice, and oh so yummy! So, as I like to say, moms and dads let Mixin’ It  Up make your life easier, and pre order or shop online and get shipped right to your door, these amazing buns! Buy a couple and throw them in the freezer, and you have yourself a much easier and less stressful lunch time already built in! 






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