Change for Change

Things are changing in our beloved little bakery on 2nd Ave. along with all that’s changing in our world right now. We’ve kept our eyes and ears open and taken some inspiration from warriors such as Greta Thunberg and Autumn Peltier. We know how daunting certain issues can be to tackle, especially when those issues take a whole army to succeed in changing; however, that’s always what we’ve been about here. 

The future of our little white-walled corner of the universe here is safe and we want younger generations to feel as though their corner of the universe is safe as well. This is what inspires us to make the change to be more environmentally productive. We not only want to reach out our loving hands to the earth, but also to you, our loyal customers.

Here at Mixin’ It Up we’ve put our ideas together and decided we want to offer our customers a benefit when they make the decision to benefit our planet by bringing in their own reusable bags! From here on out any customer that brings in their own bag will receive 10 cents off their purchase! 

We know how hard it can be to make the smallest, yet sometimes most impactful changes, especially with the mindset that one person can’t change the world (helloooo isn’t that EXACTLY where change starts?) and we are SO excited to both spread positive improvements as well as see what this has in store for all of our futures here in our own little part of the universe.  

Published by Mixin' It Up Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten Free Co-op Bakery and Rental Kitchen. Celiac Safe! Made by a Gluten Free family who understands. We offer a variety of tasty baked goods, take and bake pizzas and so much more! With a great variety and selection of Gluten and Dairy Free Sweet and Treats, you wont have to "settle" for gluten free any longer! Time and again, our customers can't even tell the difference! Even if you are not gluten free, you will be sure to enjoy our treats! Stop at Mixin' It Up and allow us to make your days, get together's, and special events, mouthwatering. ​

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