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Cooler Temps, New Stickers and Happier Customers

Gosh, we feel like we have been on a never ending treadmill with all the shipping troubles we have had in the past few months. Now, if you know me, you know I do not enjoy treadmills…AT ALL. So this has been an experience we are keeping our fingers crossed we don’t have to go through again.

When Covid hit, we wanted to make sure everyone knew we would do whatever it took to be here for you. Gluten free is hard enough to find, but there is something about walking into a grocery store, when you need to feed your family members (I was that same mom staring at those empty shelves for my family as well) and not being able to find any on the shelves. It gives you a sinking feeling, and we already had enough sinking feelings in our life at the time.

We did not expect that what was once a shipping company that reliably got the food to you next day, would suddenly be experiencing triple their volume in shipping and not be able to get the packages out in a timely manner. This made for a soggy mess when the customers got their orders.

The shipping company has slowed down, and started to get a handle on “the new normal” and we have purchased these happy new stickers that say “perishable” on them. This and the fact that we are hand writing the words “food” on the sides and top of the boxes, well this along with the cooler temps, has made for a few weeks of very successful shipping.

We are certain there will be some bumps in the road but each week we there seems to be smoother sailing up ahead! Finally!!!! You cant even imagine what it did to our small business week after week to get frustrated customers on the end of the phone line or email line who felt they might not order again because their food did not arrive until 6 days later and was not in great shape. It broke our hearts, we wanted to pull down the site, but even through the frustration we had many of you ask us to keep going with it so you had options, and a chance at getting food that was safe and quality for your family to eat. We listened and did our best, but we know a lot of times, our best just did not do well enough.

While we always tried to make it right, we know that this doesnt mean you will trust us again to order from us. We get that. Some of you had more than 1 bad delivery, which makes it even more challenging. We hope that you will give it one more chance with the cooler temps.

We are offering $10 off shipping THIS WEEK ONLY. Coupon Code: Freeshipping

We ship our orders on Tues and Thursdays (by noon) so make sure if you would like to order that now is the time.


We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers 😎

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