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Small Business Saturday Specials

Wisconsin's Small Business Saturday More Important Than Ever This Year -  Milwaukee Community Journal

Today is a very important day for many small businesses, and ours is no different. We work diligently all year long striving to make you and your family the best treats around. While there have been times this year when our hard work and efforts did not always work out well in the end (melty, ill timed deliveries, less than beautiful products that will continue to haunt us for all our days) we put ourselves out there time and again to try to be there for your families. Sometimes it didnt work out, most of the time, it did.

We have hung in together, and the uplifting phone calls, emails, , facebook messages even cards in the mail have been a life line to us to remind us that what we do, with our small band of 4 employees, makes a difference and that together we are all better when there are many of us working to make small businesses like ours survive.

For so many things, on this small business day we take a moment to again say thank you. You fill our hearts with joy, keep pushing us to do and be better, and make us want to keep going even when we feel like giving up. Thank you for being the customers who help keep our vision clear and our oven running.

For small business Sat, as a thank you. We are offering you some in store AND onine specials.

  1. Get a $25 gift certificate and you get a $5 one FREE! That is a great stocking stuffer
  2. Buy 2 goat lotions or body butters and get a bath salt free. These lotions are seriously amazing
  3. Buy 5 gluten free mixes (online and instore!) and get 1 FREE!!! This is a great deal, these mixes can be stored for up to 6 months and they are amazing gifts!

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