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Win Free Donuts For a YEAR!!!! Friday ~ Sept 25th 9-4pm and Sat Mini Donut & Cheese Curd Day! 10-12pm!! Rain or Shine!

National Bakery Day is upon us!!!! We could all use some good cheer, and yummy food, so that is what we have set out to do to make this National Bakery Day even MORE special for you! You may ask…what does that really mean…well here you go!

FREE DONUTS FOR A YEAR!!! One lucky winner who comes in will get to chosen for free donuts for 1 year! I mean life can not get better than that can it?!?!

20% off cake orders, any cake order, whether it is a wedding cake, graduation cake, birthday cake, or just an every day we need to eat cake, cake..we have 20% off cake orders ALL DAY LONG! Call in, (which by the way registers you to win the free donuts) and order your cakes!

$1.00 cupcakes! We do this once a year and that is on FRIDAY!!!! Seriously! One day a year!

Buy 6 get 6 FREE Donuts! This is also something that happens only 1 time a year (well maybe 2 times is we are feeling a little spunky 🙂 ) so this is the time to stock up and make your weekend special!

$1.00 cookies! Yes you heard me right! $1 cookies! Chocolate chip, monster, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip! We are going to also have gingersnap and snickerdoodle bite size in 2 packs! This is awesome…. so incredibly AWESOME!

Saturday we are having our curbside (and instore, and in person!!!) Cheese Curd and Mini Donut Day! Rain or Shine we will celebrate together the ending of summer, the beginning of a school year and the joy of being together! Hot off the fryer donuts and cheese curds ready for you!

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National Bakery Day Extravaganza Sept 25th and 26th

Its that time of year again! We are so excited to celebrate with you National Bakery Day. And of course we have a whole bunch of wonderful and exciting activities happening. So mark your calendars, gas up the car, and get ready for one amazing weekend of fun! This one might even be worth renting a hotel room for if you are from out of town!!!

We are open from 9 to 4 on Friday, we will also be celebrating with hourly specials for in store. Sat we are open 9-2.

Starting on Friday ~ $1 Cupcakes ~ 20% off Cake orders ~ $1 Cookies ~ Buy 6 donuts get 6 FREE!!!

Saturday Starts off your morning with hot out of the fryer Mini donuts for only $5 per bag and Cheese Curds! Yes that’s right, hot, fresh and amazingly ooey-gooey and yummmm. Come early, come often and make this a morning to remember! This will also be your last day to sign up for FREE DONUTS FOR A YEAR!!! Yes you heard us, you get to enter to win free donuts for a year!!!

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Cooler Temps, New Stickers and Happier Customers

Gosh, we feel like we have been on a never ending treadmill with all the shipping troubles we have had in the past few months. Now, if you know me, you know I do not enjoy treadmills…AT ALL. So this has been an experience we are keeping our fingers crossed we don’t have to go through again.

When Covid hit, we wanted to make sure everyone knew we would do whatever it took to be here for you. Gluten free is hard enough to find, but there is something about walking into a grocery store, when you need to feed your family members (I was that same mom staring at those empty shelves for my family as well) and not being able to find any on the shelves. It gives you a sinking feeling, and we already had enough sinking feelings in our life at the time.

We did not expect that what was once a shipping company that reliably got the food to you next day, would suddenly be experiencing triple their volume in shipping and not be able to get the packages out in a timely manner. This made for a soggy mess when the customers got their orders.

The shipping company has slowed down, and started to get a handle on “the new normal” and we have purchased these happy new stickers that say “perishable” on them. This and the fact that we are hand writing the words “food” on the sides and top of the boxes, well this along with the cooler temps, has made for a few weeks of very successful shipping.

We are certain there will be some bumps in the road but each week we there seems to be smoother sailing up ahead! Finally!!!! You cant even imagine what it did to our small business week after week to get frustrated customers on the end of the phone line or email line who felt they might not order again because their food did not arrive until 6 days later and was not in great shape. It broke our hearts, we wanted to pull down the site, but even through the frustration we had many of you ask us to keep going with it so you had options, and a chance at getting food that was safe and quality for your family to eat. We listened and did our best, but we know a lot of times, our best just did not do well enough.

While we always tried to make it right, we know that this doesnt mean you will trust us again to order from us. We get that. Some of you had more than 1 bad delivery, which makes it even more challenging. We hope that you will give it one more chance with the cooler temps.

We are offering $10 off shipping THIS WEEK ONLY. Coupon Code: Freeshipping

We ship our orders on Tues and Thursdays (by noon) so make sure if you would like to order that now is the time.

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Mini Donut Day! August 8th 10am – 12pm

There is always a certain excitement in the air that goes through the bakery when we start to plan the next big Mini Donut day!

We love the customers it brings out from near and far, but more than that we love the smiles from the kids, the moms and dads who get to bring their celiac kids to a special event, that they cant do at fairs across the state (okay okay we know there are no fairs this year but you know what we mean!) and the smiles, and hugs we get from so many of you who we dont get to see all that often.

We are serving up some hot, fresh and amazing donuts again! They are only $5 a bag and so worth the drive. Ask those customers who put off weekend plans to make this their weekend plan <3.

Come one come all, we have a beautiful city, with lovely parks, the Mississippi river running through it, we have bistro sets outside the store, and we have lots of smiles and yummy treats (even besides the donuts!!!) so make sure you stock up. From pizzas, to garlic bread, buns and cupcakes, there so just so many choices!!!!

Get those calendars marked, get the car filled up with gas and get the family ready… we got mini donuts to eat!

Cant wait to see you all!!!!

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Delivering to a town near you! Elk River, Maple Grove and Bloomington! Call right away! 320-259-7105

Thats right! We are making our bi monthly trek to see you!!

Ever wanted to try our turtle cake? What about the french macarons? We know you have heard about how good the donuts are, but have you wondered what it would be like to grab a hold of one of those fried cake donuts and bite into it yourself (I mean can all those people be wrong about loving them??)

Well now is your chance to make it happen! We are delivering to Elk River at 9am to the Home Depot parking lot, the Maple Grove at 10am to the Pier 1 parking lot and to Wal Mart in Bloomington right at noon! We will be there with your goodies, from pies, to cakes, to cupcakes, and anything else you want to order off the menu!

Just give us a call at 320 -259-7105, the order cut off date is Thursday so please do not wait til the last minute because we do sell out of items and you dont want to be sad and miss out on things!

To see what we have to offer you can check out the menu, look on our facebook page (because we cant possibly put it all on the menu so if you see something you really just need to try, just ask, we do our best to make sure you get to try all of our goodies!

Now, run, dont saunter, to the phone and give us a call so we can make sure we get your order in!

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Struggles with Shipping

10 Ways Boxes Destroy Your Life

As a small business, we know our customers trust is the most important thing we can have, and when we work as hard as we have for many years to build that trust up…well it just does something to your heart and mind when you find your business is being hurt one shipping box at a time.

We also know hard it is to find a gluten free bakery that you trust AND that tastes good. Many of you across Minnesota have found that in us, and we dont take that trust lightly. We have worked, and worked on perfecting our shipping processes, packaging, to ensure that you get the product just as they should be when they arrive at your house.

We bake them fresh, ship them hot and expect them to arrive to you within 24 hours in excellent condition.

Week after week we ship out many orders to you our customers, our extended family, and lately we have been hearing from several of you the shape and horror stories in which your boxes are arriving. We have refunded much money and we have re sent MANY shipments because your happiness and satisfaction is worth far more than any amount of money we may have made on a sale.

We can not tell you how saddened we are about the situation. We have debated pulling down our shipping options all together but many of you have requested us to not do so, we are currently working on finding another reasonably priced shipper to keep the costs down for us and you. We are working with our current company who ships and asking them to resolve these issues, but they seem to keep getting worse instead of better.

While we are never in the business of making excuses, we are left again scratching our heads, while we realize that most of you know this is not something that we can control, it does not help that some of your first impressions of our food is that of a complete mess, that is never EVER the impression we want to leave anyone with.

We can only apologize, tell you we are working on the issue and ask for your grace. Please let us know if there is an issue with your food and we will do our best to take care of it on our end. We have worked relentlessly to be the bakery you trust and look to when your family needs some yummy and safe food, and dont want you faith in us to wane as we work to find another shipping company who can help us deliver a product to you as it was sent from our store.

It is our honor to serve you and we want to keep doing so for many years to come.

Jessi and Staff

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Mini Donut Event Tomorrow!! 10am to 12pm

Check out the article to find out more information about our mini donut event!!!!

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Mini Donut Day Sat June 20th

We need a reason to celebrate! This Sat June 20th at 10am We are serving up some excellent donuts, hot and fresh just the way you love them! We will be under the tent outside, and ready to serve you with some excellent treats! Bring the family its time to celebrate!

Do you feel that same need? Needless to say 2020 has not been a year any of us really expected. We all sighed a huge bit of disappointment at the lack of the local and state fairs, or at least I know our family did, and we felt that it would be a great time to turn those disappointments into something to look forward too.

Which brings us to our event! I mean really, is there anything at all better to look forward to than Mini Donut Day?! Honestly, we didnt think so either!

Come one, come all, we will set up the big tent outside, you can grab your donuts, head down the beautiful park – about 2 blocks away- or sit out on the bistro sets and enjoy the sunshine and eat to your hearts content!

For $5 a bag, heck you might as well even bring some to friends and family to share! We are excited to see you, and hope you will bring your smiling faces, and your family members, and help us kick off summer 2020 the right way!

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We’re back!!!! Tues Through Sat!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new (back to normal!!) schedule! We have been working hard to get back to our normal hours, and we are ready for you! Starting June 9th we will be open at 9am. Our hours are as follows

Tues 9-4

Wed 9-4

Thurs 9-4

Fri 9-4

Sat 9-2

Safety is our top priority in the bakery, so we want to ensure you that we are working hard to keep you safe, and to make you the best and freshest food possible for you and your family to enjoy!

Mixin’ It Up will provide you with a variety of ways to safely shop. You can come in store, browse the cases and pick out your goodies. You can give us a call at 320-259-7105 and we will bring your food out to you, AND we can ship to you if you live our of town, or are at high risk. We have a $5 off coupon that will remain in effect to help defray the costs of shipping for you if you enter the promo code “baked” at checkout!

We are here for you! We also need you to be here WITH us, to support our store, to shop, and if possible, to leave reviews. As this pandemic has hit businesses in especially difficult ways, we could use your support and knowing your you are here with us helps us whether the slower days, and rejoice in the busier ones!

Thank you for all of your love, support and kind words through these times.

We will see you Tues of next week in store!!!!! We can not wait!

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New Hours –

Mixin' it up gluten free bakery (1)Come one, come all! Its time to support your local (and not so local if you are our supporters from the Twin Cities) bakery! We are opening back up in store, curbside and online!

New store hours are

Thursday 9-4

Friday 9-4

Sat 9-2

Call ahead for curbside pick up if you want us to bring it out to you! 320-259-7105. Its the safest way to get your tasty treats!

Stop in to the store and browse your way to happier and yummier days! We will open the storefront to 1 customer at a time, to keep us all safe and happy! And you can stock back up on breads, cupcakes, rolls, donuts, mixes and pizza crusts! We have a full line up for you back in store!

As always if you are looking for something specific make sure you order ahead of schedule so you can be extra sure we have it in store for you!

We are here, but we need your support! So please make sure you have Mixin’ It Up on your list of places to support through these strange and challenging times.

We are honored to serve you and can not wait to see you all again! While we cant hug you (yet!) we can not wait to see your smiling faces (even if they are behind masks!!!)