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Change for Change

Things are changing in our beloved little bakery on 2nd Ave. along with all that’s changing in our world right now. We’ve kept our eyes and ears open and taken some inspiration from warriors such as Greta Thunberg and Autumn Peltier. We know how daunting certain issues can be to tackle, especially when those issues take a whole army to succeed in changing; however, that’s always what we’ve been about here. 

The future of our little white-walled corner of the universe here is safe and we want younger generations to feel as though their corner of the universe is safe as well. This is what inspires us to make the change to be more environmentally productive. We not only want to reach out our loving hands to the earth, but also to you, our loyal customers.

Here at Mixin’ It Up we’ve put our ideas together and decided we want to offer our customers a benefit when they make the decision to benefit our planet by bringing in their own reusable bags! From here on out any customer that brings in their own bag will receive 10 cents off their purchase! 

We know how hard it can be to make the smallest, yet sometimes most impactful changes, especially with the mindset that one person can’t change the world (helloooo isn’t that EXACTLY where change starts?) and we are SO excited to both spread positive improvements as well as see what this has in store for all of our futures here in our own little part of the universe.  

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Thank you

With the holidays behind us, we want to take the time to thank you, our customers. The hectic nature of the holidays takes on a little bit of a new life when you’re working in a bakery. The number of smiling faces and warm hearts we get the chance to encounter day-to-day in the store front as well as over the phone is what propels us to be the best hometown bakery we can be. It’s also part of what helps keep a smile on all our faces while trying to navigate a kitchen of chaos and our passionate and kind, yet slightly frazzled, staff. We love to bring our efforts and strengths together, particularly this time of year, to try to make your holiday season the best season it could be. We are so proud of what we do here and feel so blessed to be here for all of you! You make our lives better! Today our team wants to take a moment to thank you all for making OUR season the best possible holiday season it could have been.

With love (and not gluten),

Your team here at Mixin’ It Up

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We are having a Cookie Exchange!

Cookie Exchange Event2Ah the great cookie exchange. Each year, whether it is a church event, a family get together or a work party… they have them en masse’ and we the gluten free people, usually get left out.

This is not to be at Mixin’ It Up Gluten Free Bakery! We have been whipping up all sorts of cookies, treats, and goodies that you and your family and friends!  That leaves you with the ability to get your creative juices going to decorate a dozen sugar cookies to your delight! We have frostings, sprinkles, candies and decorations for your cookies!

The best part…we clean up the mess!!!! We have snacks, hot cocoa and festive music! Sound like fun?? Call us at 320-259-7105 and we will sign you up for 10:30am class!!! Fun for you, and the kids, or some girlfriends. The class is $30 per person!



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Pie time

All you need is love…and pie!!

With October behind us we’ve got pie on our mind. Stop in or call us at (320) 259-7105 to pre-order your Thanksgiving pie today. With a variety of delectable flavors, you can’t go wrong!

If you aren’t able to make it in due to location (although they do say distance makes the heart grow fonder), that’s not a problem! You can pick your pies up on the day of our Elk River and Maple Grove delivery locations.

Pie breakdown:

Pie orders must be placed by November 23rd and picked up on or prior to November 27th.

$19.99 Caramel Apple, Classic Apple, Blueberry, Pumpkin, Cherry

$24.99 Lemon Meringue, French Silk

$29.99 Pecan

$39.99 Keto Pumpkin

As always, all pies are gluten free and celiac safe!

Delivery location details:

For the Elk River delivery we will be in the Home Depot parking lot at 9 am.

For the Maple Grove delivery we will be in the Pier 1 parking lot at 10 am.

You can find a link to our delivery menu here.

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Maple Grove & Elk River Delivery!

we deliverEach year we get more customers, requesting more and more yummy goodies! We are always so honored to each of you who decide to make Mixin’ It Up your hometown bakery, whether you are right next door, or you meet us at one of our Delivery Locations (and we love all of you who drop by other stores are products are in to keep supporting local throughout so many communities!)

We are heading the Elk River and Maple Grove on Nov 23rd with Pies, Buns, Rolls, Desserts! We know if you are like us, and are busy and dont always have time to call when we are open, this delivery we are trying something a little new, so that means be patient with us as there may be a few kinks to work out but we will get it done!

Now you can go to our “Shop” and order all of your items for delivery HOWEVER in the comments box make sure you write that we are delivering to you and at which location!

Next type in FREETOME in the discount tab and this will automatically remove shipping charges of $10.

We are working to make this easier, and more efficient for you, our customers! Make sure you order BY NOV 19TH to get it delivered!!!

As always you can call 320-259-7105 and place your order by phone, and after all you get to talk to me, so that makes a phone call worth it 🙂 but we wanted to give our customers a few more options


Make sure you remember:

Elk River we are at the Home Depot parking lot at 9am in a white truck

Maple Grove we are at the Pier 1 parking lot at 10am in a white truck.

Make sure you remember to meet us as we drop off quickly and move to the next location!

Looking forward to making this happen once again!

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First Time Frosters!!!

kids frosting1Do you have a young one who is interested in learning to frost? Well, now is the time to let them explore the fun side of frosting a cookie, and cupcake. They get to explore the world of frosting, piping tips and even learning a few of the professional techniques cake decorators use to make their cupcakes beautiful! Mostly, we are just here to have fun, laugh, and enjoy a fun hour of frosting with your little ones!  Each child takes home a cookie and cupcake to enjoy!

Classes held at Mixin It up Gluten Free Bakery 106 2nd Ave N Sauk Rapids

This class is for ages 5-9

Class Date: September 28th 9-10am

Class Price: $15.00

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Bring on the cake…wedding fun

Weddings, oh the joyous and wondrous celebrations they are! The blending of 2 families together, the joining of 2 lives together, and the exciting beginnings, oh, and let us not forget…that cake!

I love me some good weddings! I still get all sentimental everytime I look at my own wedding dress hanging in my closet, and yes that was 15 years ago and it is still there. I even tried it on a while back and danced around in it with my children. It was silly, but it was so much fun! There is so much joy, and hope in the adventure of life, and celebrating with family, friends and food really could not be a better way to make the start of a life perfect.

As a bakery owner, we have had the blessed opportunity to be a part of many weddings, showers, and parties. As many of you know, we love all the festivities that go along with it.

Some of the most cherished times, for me, is when I am asked to do a wedding or shower of a friend or family member. That way I also get the added fun of seeing and hearing all the oohs and ahhhs over how yummy gluten free can be! I love that by the way!

jessi wedding For me, this summer and upcoming fall, I have had the privilege of being a part of my nieces upcoming wedding. From cupcakes to cakes, Mixin’ It Up will have had the opportunity to cater them all! It has been such a joy to bring our love of all things gluten free to family members far and wide. I inserted a photo of the cupcake tower we made the lovely bride, for one of her showers, and what a fun and yummy day it was!

So if you have upcoming wedding plans, and are wondering where to go to get a wedding cake, or cupcakes, we are the place! We love to be a part of your celebrations and help to make your memories even more sweet!

Call us at 320 259 7105 and lets make your wedding beautiful.

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Its back to school, are we ready?!

Its that time of year again! The one where all of us parents take a large, collective sigh, the first few days of the school year, where I want to cling to the lazy days of summer, and I am yet not fully ready to embrace the hectic school year schedule and all that comes with it.  But… I am kind of ready for the steadiness that comes with having a set schedule…

One of the challenges that many of us face during the school year is school lunches. While many schools in our communities do lunches well, those who face severe allergies, and intolerances there is constantly that extra added stress of not knowing how to protect our kids from the onslaught of things they may or may not be exposed too.

I have 3 kids, in 2 different schools, with different set of food challenges we face on a daily basis. Whether it is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, or a mixture of any number of other food sensitivities we face, it is always stressful not being there (yes I can be at times a bit of a helicopter mom, but I digress) and making sure they are getting what is best for them.

That struggle is real, for many of us moms, it is frightening!

With Pinterest, Google, and Blogs a plenty, there is no shortage of ideas on how to tackle these things, and often in our world, to be honest, simple is just…simple. And as a working mom, I need simple. So we do a lot (dont judge) of lunch meat or sunbutter and jelly sandwhichs. They are a simple items in the rush and chaos of a school morning that the kids can help make and they enjoy being a part of their lunch! 

One way we have made it easier, and as many of you know, is one of my favorites, are our dollar buns, small enough to eat in one sitting for a little one, easy to slice, and oh so yummy! So, as I like to say, moms and dads let Mixin’ It  Up make your life easier, and pre order or shop online and get shipped right to your door, these amazing buns! Buy a couple and throw them in the freezer, and you have yourself a much easier and less stressful lunch time already built in! 





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Cake Decorating!! What a fun way to spend a day!

cake class graphicDo you know we do this? Several times a year, we roll up our sleeves, get a little messy and have a great time teaching you how to frost beautiful cakes!!

Have some friends, a daughter, or what about some family members you want to spend a little extra time with creating some memories? This is a great way to make that happen!

From the first stages of learning how to master a piping bag, to the final stages of a completely and beautifully frosted cake that is uniquely yours, this is a way to make that bucket list dream come true!

Call and sign up today, you will be so glad you did! 320-259-7105

Classes are located in a Celiac Safe facility at Mixin’ It Up Bakery

Class days and times are:

August 24th 9-10:30

October 26th 9-10:30am