Christmas Cookie Tray ON SALE NOW!!!


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Our famous Cookie Trays are available to ship to your door! They truly do reflect the holiday traditions and the spirit of Christmas! 

There are 7 to 8 varieties of cookies, cake balls, and treats that come right to you. 

These make EXCELLENT gifts to families and friends and to snack on throughout the holiday season. 

We sadly cannot make them to special order, however there are so many varieties of cookies on the trays they are sure to please everyone in a group! 

The molasses cookies are also dairy free (bonus!!) 

While we will do our best wrapping these in plastic, we will not be doing any refunds on the trays if any of the cookies come broken. We expect, as last year they did a great job shipping to many states, that they will be just fine, however we have to make sure that you are ordering them with the understanding that we cant refund any trays. We will let you know the day they ship (and they usually arrive the next day) so you can be on the lookout for those wonderful trays to arrive at your doorstep! 


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