Mixin' It Up Rental Kitchen-Your Questions Answered

Rental Kitchen-Your Questions Answered

commercial kitchen adHave you thought of renting in a commercial kitchen before? If so, have you ever wondered if it is “really worth it”? You already make food out of your home, or can, if you have a food cottage license, and that seems “cheaper” and “easier”, but is it?

Have you stopped to consider a few of these facts?

*Allergies ~ in todays world we live in, many people suffer from life threatening allergies you come in contact with every day and many are in your home! From cat dander (which yes people ARE severally allergic too) to nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy and fish your home has many of these items lurking about, and if a person who has an allergy tries your food you are putting them at risk for a severe allergic reaction.

*Time/Price ~ this seems to be the challenge most people have when considering renting a commercial kitchen. Is it really WORTH the value?¬† When baking food, or canning, in your home it doesn’t feel like you are paying “extra” but you are. From electricity, wear and tear on your stove top and oven, messes around the house, and the general sense of never “getting away” from the mess in your space does take a toll on your house, and family.

When working in a commercial kitchen you are able to make things -from start to finish in generally half of the time- why, SPACE! you have a lot more space than in your kitchen. Next is equipment, can you imagine the beauty of having 4 or 5 canning water baths happening at ONE TIME! Well, in this facility you can indeed do just that!!!

Access is another huge bonus! You have access to this facility from morning til night. Meaning, if you are not feeling it (or the family needs your attention at the time you planned to come in) its okay, because the time is flexible.

*Price ~ for $50 (one time 4 hour usage) you can make double the amount of food, offer you customers the quality assurance that it was made in a commercial kitchen *not a home kitchen, increase you sales, and decrease your at home stress!!!!

Here is an article to help you find out the benefits of renting kitchen space https://www.fliprogram.com/blog/renting-a-commercial=kitchen-or-commissary


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