Mixin' It Up Starting your business the right way

Starting your business the right way

Beginning a journey intosmall business 101 the great unknown is always scary, exciting, and can be exhausting.

Mixin’ It Up wants your small business to succeed, because the world needs MORE small business options, and your product is your passion!  We also know how easy it is to get discouraged, frustrated and feel like giving up as you began to understand all of the challenges and confusion that can surround getting a small food business set up! Here are some articles to help you decide, if a commercial kitchen is right for you.

We hope these articles help to answer your questions, and make the journey feel a little less lonely!

Thinking about starting a business but just not sure where to began, or even if you should. We know you have done a lot of research, as you should!, but we wanted to start by passing along a few articles we think are helpful.




Now onto the fun stuff! Here are some steps for you to take to open your dream business.

commercial kitchen adRental Kitchen- There are several throughout the state of MN and its easy to find one that will suite your specific food needs. Here is a link from the MN Dept of Ag letting you know where you can find those commercial kitchen rentals!


food licenseLicensing- it is challenging to figure out what license you need, and who to talk too! In order to sell food, at all, in the state of Minnesota you do need to be licensed. It is vital that you do this for your protection (after all no one wants to get sued!) and to make sure you are following all the laws *confusing as they may be at times!  Here is your link to find out who to talk to in your area for getting licensed! https://www.mda.state.mn.us/food-feed/food-licenses

insuranceInsurance- Nearly every major insurance carrier does a great job knowing how to ensure your food business! There are several in the area, and often the easiest way to go about getting insurance is to call your current insurance carrier and add on a policy.  Remember to shop around! Here are a few articles to help equip you to make the best choices!



marketingMarketing- For some its a dread, for others, selling your business and passion will be as natural as breathing. Its what you love, so therefore its what you love to talk about..right?! Well if you are not a marketing person, or maybe don’t understand the benefits of marketing here are a few articles to help you get started.



We know that starting a small business can be scary and a little stressful, but there are so many great things you can receive from starting a small business. So often the benefits outweigh the challenges it takes to set up a small business and in the end people get to try your amazing product, you get to make some money and the community is better served by having local small businesses!