Mixin’ It Up ~ Shared Commercial Kitchen

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Did you ever dream of making beautiful cakes for peoples weddings? How about tasty organic puppy treats for our 4 legged friends? Perhaps you have a winning bbq or salsa recipe that the world needs to try?

If any of those ideas found you shaking your head, YES!, than it is it time for you to look into renting a commercial kitchen here at Mixin’ It Up!

We are so much more than “just” a bakery! We offer new, start up businesses an opportunity to start their business, and help to grow their business into something they always dreamed!

From working with the department of health, to insurance, even down to marketing, we are here to help you find a way to see your dreams come a reality! From low weekly rates to one time rentals, our kitchen has what you are looking for! Call 320-259-7105 to find out more!










Celiac Safe and ready to celebrate! Call to order your specialty made cake today for your next special occasion, birthday or any day (because really do you need a special occasion to eat cake?) Call 320-259-7105 to order today!