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Valentines Day, another way to celebrate!

This month, we are focusing on the simple joy of making it through 2020 (lets be honest there were some moments there we were all hanging on by a fingernail!) As the calendar turned to a New Year, and we had a moment to catch our breathe and look back one thing remained true. Its the one thing we find ourselves here at Mixin’ It Up, focusing on a lot…

Gratefulness. We found our hearts filled with gratefulness, to you our customers, for our ability to make it through a VERY difficult year for our small business, and for excitement that we have as we look towards a new year, with new possibilities. We celebrate with our trusted customers who we consider family. We are excited about our new customers to meet, and new challenges to face in our baking journey. We look with excitement. We look with gratefulness. We look with you, to a brighter and tastier future.

With Valentines Day upon us, we have many tasty treats, as well as some adorable old favorites we all enjoy. We have also been able to be a part of many birthday celebrations, small wedding ceremonies and baptisms. Our hearts are always thankful when we know you, our beloved customers trust us to provide you with tasty and beautiful treats for your families.

If you are wondering, what we have on special for Valentines Day, look no further. Call today and order yours for in store pick up on Valentines Day. 320-259-7105. Dont forget our Twin Cities drop off on Feb 13th!

We also want to remind you, that we make cakes! From birthdays to baptisms, and weddings to baby reveals, we have you covered. We are honored to be a part of your celebrations! Call us and order yours today! 320-259-7105

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Twin Cities Delivery THIS SATURDAY. Dec 19th Call to Order 320-259-7105. Elk River 9am, Maple Grove 10am Bloomington 11am

Have you been wondering what to get that difficult co worker, family member, or friend who just seems to have everything? We have the answer, Cookies! Yep, you may not know this, but cookies are literally the perfect gift to give someone. There are so many reasons why cookies are the answers to life’s most challenging questions, but this time just trust on this and pick up that phone to order! 320-259-7105

If you have wondered to yourself what is the best way to order, we always tell our customers, just go to the shop tab here on the website, write down all you need and than give us a CALL to order. Remember if it is busy we will get back to you 🙂 sometimes cookie perfection takes time, but we will get your order in and baked up so you have holiday goodies for this wonderful holiday season. There are a few gems we offer that arent on the menu (like our 4 for $5 bars, which include dipped oreos decorated all cute and Christmassy!)

Ever wondered what others have said about their orders: well wonder no more! Here are just a few comments we thought you might love to hear!

Ordered the Christmas Tray, my daughter was overjoyed and LOVED them!! They arrived quickly and in great shape.

I ordered the cookie platter, it was fantastic. I received it the next day all safe and sound, very well and nicely packed.

I ordered the Christmas cookie tray and it arrived in perfect shape! Wrapped really well and packaged carefully. Not a single broken cookie. Thank you so much for offering shipping!!

An except from an email of a special customer: I also want to thank you for the service you provide to the Celiac community. I work a lot and don’t have a lot of time for baking. Last Christmas I ordered a bunch of things from you including one of the Christmas variety trays., for my spouse. It was really beautiful to see the sheer JOY it gave him to have those cookies.

Wondered about our bread? Heres what a few customers told us this month: The BEST (and I can’t stress this enough) BREAD.

From another Customer: Yes my non-GF boyfriend is now always like “do we have anymore of that yummy French toast bread?”

Everything we’ve tried has been a delightful treat Cupcakes and muffins are amazing and have enjoyed their Christmas cookie selection yearly and macaroons. So so good!

A word from a customers at a twin cities pick up in November: I got cinnamon rolls & garlic bread at the Maple Grove pick up today. Amazeballs!!! I ate 1 cinnamon roll & I’m going to freeze the others to savor every weekend. The garlic bread doesn’t even need to be toasted. I am going to dip it in olive oil & parmesan cheese. Thank you for the amazing gluten free deliciousness.

On a personal note: This year, we have looked forward to helping make your Christmas Merry and Bright. Its been a hard year for so many of us, and we want to take this moment to tell you how much we love and appreciate all of you, our customers who we look to as family. You have amazed us by your love and support, you have honored us by sharing your stories of hardships and challenges, and you have stood by us through some shipping struggles. We want you to know we love you and are honored to serve you, for however long you are here to support us, we will be here doing the absolute best we can to bring your family wonderful treats!

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Small Business Saturday Specials

Wisconsin's Small Business Saturday More Important Than Ever This Year -  Milwaukee Community Journal

Today is a very important day for many small businesses, and ours is no different. We work diligently all year long striving to make you and your family the best treats around. While there have been times this year when our hard work and efforts did not always work out well in the end (melty, ill timed deliveries, less than beautiful products that will continue to haunt us for all our days) we put ourselves out there time and again to try to be there for your families. Sometimes it didnt work out, most of the time, it did.

We have hung in together, and the uplifting phone calls, emails, , facebook messages even cards in the mail have been a life line to us to remind us that what we do, with our small band of 4 employees, makes a difference and that together we are all better when there are many of us working to make small businesses like ours survive.

For so many things, on this small business day we take a moment to again say thank you. You fill our hearts with joy, keep pushing us to do and be better, and make us want to keep going even when we feel like giving up. Thank you for being the customers who help keep our vision clear and our oven running.

For small business Sat, as a thank you. We are offering you some in store AND onine specials.

  1. Get a $25 gift certificate and you get a $5 one FREE! That is a great stocking stuffer
  2. Buy 2 goat lotions or body butters and get a bath salt free. These lotions are seriously amazing
  3. Buy 5 gluten free mixes (online and instore!) and get 1 FREE!!! This is a great deal, these mixes can be stored for up to 6 months and they are amazing gifts!
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Now is the time to order, support local and have an amazing Thanksgiving!

If your like me, life gets busy and you forget to do many of things that are on the to do list. So we are sending out a friendly reminder to make sure you get your items ordered for Thanksgiving (pies, dinner rolls, donuts, and whatever whatever items need to be on that breakfast and lunch table!) and as an added bonus you are supporting your local celiac safe bakeries! As you may know this year has been rough on small independently owned family businesses, and ours has been no exception, so we are anxiously awaiting hearing from you!

Call to order at 320-259-7105

Orders placed by Wednesday are super helpful to us to plan our baking schedule

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We are coming to the cities on Sat November 21st. Elk River 9AM, Maple Grove 10am, and Bloomington 11am.

We are heading your way once again, and bringing with amazing desserts, pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and donuts, that and so much more! Below you can see photos of some of our most popular items, but remember if you dont see it on the menu (but see it on facebook or on our online store) you can order it as well.

We try as best we can to make sure that we are always providing you with fresh, awesome food and bring it as close to your doorstep as possible. What we need from you is your support. This year has been an interesting one for sure, and we are in need (as most of us are) of some serious customer support.

Haven’t ordered yet but considering it? Please do! Want to try some new items? Please do! Haven’t tried us in a while? Please try us again, we are always changing and improving our menus and items we have for sale.

Our hope is to be here for many years to come but we need our customers and families (as we think of you as that!) to help us get through the holiday season with good cheer and good will (and lots of yummy food to be eaten by you! )

Keep in mind, even if you arent getting together with your extended family, you can ALWAYS do a door drop, and bless someone you know with a gift of gluten free goodies (than you are blessing both a business and a family!)

You order by calling us at 320-259-7105. We need your support. Order pies, order cake, order bread, order donuts!!! We are ready to bake for you!

We are excited to hear from you, to help make all of our season merry and bright!

Dont delay and call today 320-259-7105

And than there are the awesome “extras” that make us your local, hometown bakery! Check out our yummy bars. We have specialty Cake Balls, Macaroons, Turtle and Cookies and Cream brownies, Pumpkin bars, and Apple Crisp. Those are the things that deserve to be around your table this Thanksgiving!

Oh yes, and dont forget about our cakes and cupcakes!!! We have options of buy 4 get 2 free cupcakes (bakers choice gives you 6 different kinds of yummy fun!) and you can order cakes, and cupcake cakes as well, if you have an event coming up you can simply pop in the freezer and pull out when you are ready to celebrate!

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Cheese Curd Day! Trick or Treating in Store!

We are having a wonderful day of celebration for the kids – and Cheese Curds for the adults! We will be frying up hot and fresh Cheese Curds on Halloween and the bonus is that if you bring your kids in costume they will get a FREE TREAT! Lets make this Halloween one to remember! Come and support your local business and get some great treats!

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Win Free Donuts For a YEAR!!!! Friday ~ Sept 25th 9-4pm and Sat Mini Donut & Cheese Curd Day! 10-12pm!! Rain or Shine!

National Bakery Day is upon us!!!! We could all use some good cheer, and yummy food, so that is what we have set out to do to make this National Bakery Day even MORE special for you! You may ask…what does that really mean…well here you go!

FREE DONUTS FOR A YEAR!!! One lucky winner who comes in will get to chosen for free donuts for 1 year! I mean life can not get better than that can it?!?!

20% off cake orders, any cake order, whether it is a wedding cake, graduation cake, birthday cake, or just an every day we need to eat cake, cake..we have 20% off cake orders ALL DAY LONG! Call in, (which by the way registers you to win the free donuts) and order your cakes!

$1.00 cupcakes! We do this once a year and that is on FRIDAY!!!! Seriously! One day a year!

Buy 6 get 6 FREE Donuts! This is also something that happens only 1 time a year (well maybe 2 times is we are feeling a little spunky 🙂 ) so this is the time to stock up and make your weekend special!

$1.00 cookies! Yes you heard me right! $1 cookies! Chocolate chip, monster, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip! We are going to also have gingersnap and snickerdoodle bite size in 2 packs! This is awesome…. so incredibly AWESOME!

Saturday we are having our curbside (and instore, and in person!!!) Cheese Curd and Mini Donut Day! Rain or Shine we will celebrate together the ending of summer, the beginning of a school year and the joy of being together! Hot off the fryer donuts and cheese curds ready for you!

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National Bakery Day Extravaganza Sept 25th and 26th

Its that time of year again! We are so excited to celebrate with you National Bakery Day. And of course we have a whole bunch of wonderful and exciting activities happening. So mark your calendars, gas up the car, and get ready for one amazing weekend of fun! This one might even be worth renting a hotel room for if you are from out of town!!!

We are open from 9 to 4 on Friday, we will also be celebrating with hourly specials for in store. Sat we are open 9-2.

Starting on Friday ~ $1 Cupcakes ~ 20% off Cake orders ~ $1 Cookies ~ Buy 6 donuts get 6 FREE!!!

Saturday Starts off your morning with hot out of the fryer Mini donuts for only $5 per bag and Cheese Curds! Yes that’s right, hot, fresh and amazingly ooey-gooey and yummmm. Come early, come often and make this a morning to remember! This will also be your last day to sign up for FREE DONUTS FOR A YEAR!!! Yes you heard us, you get to enter to win free donuts for a year!!!

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Cooler Temps, New Stickers and Happier Customers

Gosh, we feel like we have been on a never ending treadmill with all the shipping troubles we have had in the past few months. Now, if you know me, you know I do not enjoy treadmills…AT ALL. So this has been an experience we are keeping our fingers crossed we don’t have to go through again.

When Covid hit, we wanted to make sure everyone knew we would do whatever it took to be here for you. Gluten free is hard enough to find, but there is something about walking into a grocery store, when you need to feed your family members (I was that same mom staring at those empty shelves for my family as well) and not being able to find any on the shelves. It gives you a sinking feeling, and we already had enough sinking feelings in our life at the time.

We did not expect that what was once a shipping company that reliably got the food to you next day, would suddenly be experiencing triple their volume in shipping and not be able to get the packages out in a timely manner. This made for a soggy mess when the customers got their orders.

The shipping company has slowed down, and started to get a handle on “the new normal” and we have purchased these happy new stickers that say “perishable” on them. This and the fact that we are hand writing the words “food” on the sides and top of the boxes, well this along with the cooler temps, has made for a few weeks of very successful shipping.

We are certain there will be some bumps in the road but each week we there seems to be smoother sailing up ahead! Finally!!!! You cant even imagine what it did to our small business week after week to get frustrated customers on the end of the phone line or email line who felt they might not order again because their food did not arrive until 6 days later and was not in great shape. It broke our hearts, we wanted to pull down the site, but even through the frustration we had many of you ask us to keep going with it so you had options, and a chance at getting food that was safe and quality for your family to eat. We listened and did our best, but we know a lot of times, our best just did not do well enough.

While we always tried to make it right, we know that this doesnt mean you will trust us again to order from us. We get that. Some of you had more than 1 bad delivery, which makes it even more challenging. We hope that you will give it one more chance with the cooler temps.

We are offering $10 off shipping THIS WEEK ONLY. Coupon Code: Freeshipping

We ship our orders on Tues and Thursdays (by noon) so make sure if you would like to order that now is the time.

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Mini Donut Day! August 8th 10am – 12pm

There is always a certain excitement in the air that goes through the bakery when we start to plan the next big Mini Donut day!

We love the customers it brings out from near and far, but more than that we love the smiles from the kids, the moms and dads who get to bring their celiac kids to a special event, that they cant do at fairs across the state (okay okay we know there are no fairs this year but you know what we mean!) and the smiles, and hugs we get from so many of you who we dont get to see all that often.

We are serving up some hot, fresh and amazing donuts again! They are only $5 a bag and so worth the drive. Ask those customers who put off weekend plans to make this their weekend plan <3.

Come one come all, we have a beautiful city, with lovely parks, the Mississippi river running through it, we have bistro sets outside the store, and we have lots of smiles and yummy treats (even besides the donuts!!!) so make sure you stock up. From pizzas, to garlic bread, buns and cupcakes, there so just so many choices!!!!

Get those calendars marked, get the car filled up with gas and get the family ready… we got mini donuts to eat!

Cant wait to see you all!!!!