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Struggles with Shipping

10 Ways Boxes Destroy Your Life

As a small business, we know our customers trust is the most important thing we can have, and when we work as hard as we have for many years to build that trust up…well it just does something to your heart and mind when you find your business is being hurt one shipping box at a time.

We also know hard it is to find a gluten free bakery that you trust AND that tastes good. Many of you across Minnesota have found that in us, and we dont take that trust lightly. We have worked, and worked on perfecting our shipping processes, packaging, to ensure that you get the product just as they should be when they arrive at your house.

We bake them fresh, ship them hot and expect them to arrive to you within 24 hours in excellent condition.

Week after week we ship out many orders to you our customers, our extended family, and lately we have been hearing from several of you the shape and horror stories in which your boxes are arriving. We have refunded much money and we have re sent MANY shipments because your happiness and satisfaction is worth far more than any amount of money we may have made on a sale.

We can not tell you how saddened we are about the situation. We have debated pulling down our shipping options all together but many of you have requested us to not do so, we are currently working on finding another reasonably priced shipper to keep the costs down for us and you. We are working with our current company who ships and asking them to resolve these issues, but they seem to keep getting worse instead of better.

While we are never in the business of making excuses, we are left again scratching our heads, while we realize that most of you know this is not something that we can control, it does not help that some of your first impressions of our food is that of a complete mess, that is never EVER the impression we want to leave anyone with.

We can only apologize, tell you we are working on the issue and ask for your grace. Please let us know if there is an issue with your food and we will do our best to take care of it on our end. We have worked relentlessly to be the bakery you trust and look to when your family needs some yummy and safe food, and dont want you faith in us to wane as we work to find another shipping company who can help us deliver a product to you as it was sent from our store.

It is our honor to serve you and we want to keep doing so for many years to come.

Jessi and Staff


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2 thoughts on “Struggles with Shipping”

  1. We had our first shipping experience last week. We were going to send a message until we saw this today, so we know you’re well aware of the issues. A few suggestions to consider outside of better package handling…

    – Adding packaging material to fill empty space and prevent items from shifting around.
    – Indicate which side of the package should be up. Our package was indicated as fragile, but no clear indication of which side should be up. Our package had been on its side (or a corner) at some point as something had melted and leaked out onto a side/corner of the box.
    – Include some sort of cold pack during warmer months, at least for items like donut or cookies. Most of our items had a topping or chocolate involved that had melted quite a bit. We assumed one would be included. If nothing else, maybe a disclaimer about packages shipped during warmer months.

    We typically come in the store, but being in Baxter decided to try ordering this time. We would love to see shipping continue to be offered and will absolutely order again! We just may wait for cooler weather.

  2. I just received my first shipment from you last week and everything arrived in great condition. I was so happy. But if I hadn’t brought the box in from the heat immediately upon delivery, I believe things could have been ruined. I am home all day so this works fine for me, but it would be completely understandable if you decide to put deliveries on hold during the warmer months, as there are factors completely out of your control unless you are shipping in insulated containers. I know other bakeries have limited shipping seasons for this reason.

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