Mixin' It Up Uncategorized We are coming to the cities on Sat November 21st. Elk River 9AM, Maple Grove 10am, and Bloomington 11am.

We are coming to the cities on Sat November 21st. Elk River 9AM, Maple Grove 10am, and Bloomington 11am.

We are heading your way once again, and bringing with amazing desserts, pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and donuts, that and so much more! Below you can see photos of some of our most popular items, but remember if you dont see it on the menu (but see it on facebook or on our online store) you can order it as well.

We try as best we can to make sure that we are always providing you with fresh, awesome food and bring it as close to your doorstep as possible. What we need from you is your support. This year has been an interesting one for sure, and we are in need (as most of us are) of some serious customer support.

Haven’t ordered yet but considering it? Please do! Want to try some new items? Please do! Haven’t tried us in a while? Please try us again, we are always changing and improving our menus and items we have for sale.

Our hope is to be here for many years to come but we need our customers and families (as we think of you as that!) to help us get through the holiday season with good cheer and good will (and lots of yummy food to be eaten by you! )

Keep in mind, even if you arent getting together with your extended family, you can ALWAYS do a door drop, and bless someone you know with a gift of gluten free goodies (than you are blessing both a business and a family!)

You order by calling us at 320-259-7105. We need your support. Order pies, order cake, order bread, order donuts!!! We are ready to bake for you!

We are excited to hear from you, to help make all of our season merry and bright!

Dont delay and call today 320-259-7105

And than there are the awesome “extras” that make us your local, hometown bakery! Check out our yummy bars. We have specialty Cake Balls, Macaroons, Turtle and Cookies and Cream brownies, Pumpkin bars, and Apple Crisp. Those are the things that deserve to be around your table this Thanksgiving!

Oh yes, and dont forget about our cakes and cupcakes!!! We have options of buy 4 get 2 free cupcakes (bakers choice gives you 6 different kinds of yummy fun!) and you can order cakes, and cupcake cakes as well, if you have an event coming up you can simply pop in the freezer and pull out when you are ready to celebrate!

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