Call now for Elk River and Maple Grove Delivery 320-259-7105. Oct 15th Delivery.

Mixin’ It Up Gluten Free Bakery is delivering to Elk River 9am (home depot parking lot) and Maple Grove 10 am (bed bath and beyond) on October 15th!!! All Items Gluten free and Celiac Safe (and AWESOME!)

We would love to bring delicious treats to your family so please make sure to call to order at 320-259-7105. Please call by Wednesday Oct 12th for your goodies, to ensure you get all the things you would like to try

There are 2 menus, plus additional photos to help you get an idea of the amazing options we have in store for you to order!! If you dont see it on the menu, just call to ask and we will be happy to accommodate!

We are excited to hear from you, please make sure to give us a call we dont want you to miss out!

Please make sure to call and order if you would like us to keep coming down we need your support 🙂

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