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Mini Donut Event Tomorrow!! 10am to 12pm

Check out the article to find out more information about our mini donut event!!!!

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We’re back!!!! Tues Through Sat!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new (back to normal!!) schedule! We have been working hard to get back to our normal hours, and we are ready for you! Starting June 9th we will be open at 9am. Our hours are as follows

Tues 9-4

Wed 9-4

Thurs 9-4

Fri 9-4

Sat 9-2

Safety is our top priority in the bakery, so we want to ensure you that we are working hard to keep you safe, and to make you the best and freshest food possible for you and your family to enjoy!

Mixin’ It Up will provide you with a variety of ways to safely shop. You can come in store, browse the cases and pick out your goodies. You can give us a call at 320-259-7105 and we will bring your food out to you, AND we can ship to you if you live our of town, or are at high risk. We have a $5 off coupon that will remain in effect to help defray the costs of shipping for you if you enter the promo code “baked” at checkout!

We are here for you! We also need you to be here WITH us, to support our store, to shop, and if possible, to leave reviews. As this pandemic has hit businesses in especially difficult ways, we could use your support and knowing your you are here with us helps us whether the slower days, and rejoice in the busier ones!

Thank you for all of your love, support and kind words through these times.

We will see you Tues of next week in store!!!!! We can not wait!

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New Hours –

Mixin' it up gluten free bakery (1)Come one, come all! Its time to support your local (and not so local if you are our supporters from the Twin Cities) bakery! We are opening back up in store, curbside and online!

New store hours are

Thursday 9-4

Friday 9-4

Sat 9-2

Call ahead for curbside pick up if you want us to bring it out to you! 320-259-7105. Its the safest way to get your tasty treats!

Stop in to the store and browse your way to happier and yummier days! We will open the storefront to 1 customer at a time, to keep us all safe and happy! And you can stock back up on breads, cupcakes, rolls, donuts, mixes and pizza crusts! We have a full line up for you back in store!

As always if you are looking for something specific make sure you order ahead of schedule so you can be extra sure we have it in store for you!

We are here, but we need your support! So please make sure you have Mixin’ It Up on your list of places to support through these strange and challenging times.

We are honored to serve you and can not wait to see you all again! While we cant hug you (yet!) we can not wait to see your smiling faces (even if they are behind masks!!!)


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Store Hour Changes, Curbside Pick Ups!

limited store hours

While we work towards understanding how to approach the days ahead, and making sure that we are looking out for our employees, families, customers (who lets acknowledge we feel like you are also our families!) and the community at large, we have been faced with the question of how to best keep everyone safe and yet, still provide safe and yummy breads and desserts for those who would like them.

Curbside~ Ideally, we would love for as many people to utilize this option as possible. We understand that this a different way to shop, but it is the safest way to shop as we approach the need to socially distance ourselves to keep the most at risk safe. We would love for you to utilize this option. Our number is 320-259-7105. 

Online Shopping~ If you would like to shop online we have provided a coupon code of $5 off with the code “baked” and have added several new items that are now available online. Orders are sent out on Tues, Wed and sometimes Thurs, depending on SpeeDees ability to get the orders to you before the weekend.

In Store~ for now, we will be closing in store visitors during these hours. Our selection will be focused on bread, as we know its the time to stock up, cupcakes and muffins. If you are looking for something specific it is a good time to call ahead to ensure we have that.

With all of us sticking together we will get through these times, we will do what Americans do best, which is stick together, link arms and help one another out.

In the meantime we will do our best to support you, as we know you will do your best to support Small Business and for that we all have a lot to be grateful for.

With so much love and a grateful heart~ Jessi, John, and Staff.


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$5 off shipping

5 offfWhen we all ban together, we are stronger and healthier. We know that there is a lot of uncertainty right now, we our families, with our health and with our futures.

We are a small business, who is locally owned, with children of our own who are being quarantined as well. We are feeling that same sense of amazement, nerves, and uncertainty, so in this we are all together as one.

One thing we are certain of, is that we dont need to add one more stress to our lives by not being able to find Gluten Free food on the shelves in stores, and we can not sacrifice our families health by not giving them the food they need to be healthy. We have breads for sandwiches, buns, desserts and mixes. All items are ALWAYS celiac safe.

With the promo code: “Baked” you will receive that $5 off your order.

We will be shipping out on Tues, Wed and Thurs each week to ensure you get your food in a timely manner, and as fresh as possible.

support local


Finally, please remember, as a local gluten free bakery, who specializes in serving your family and their dietary needs, your support and purchases are VITAL to us right now. There are many small businesses that will not make it through this crisis, and we are asking you to consider doing your part in helping to support our business as we face times of uncertainty in the future.




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Curbside Pick Up, during COVID19

curbside pick up[At Mixin’ It Up, you our customers are always are first priority. We always strive to do our best to serve you and your family the best, freshest, and awe inspiring gluten free breads and desserts in Minnesota.

We understand right now, there is uncertainty about the safety of eating out, and we want to ensure you, we are taking every precaution needed to keep you safe.

We have also added during this time, FREE CURBSIDE PICK UP!!! 

We understand you may not feel comfortable coming in the store, and exposing yourself to the potential of getting sick. We respect that, and want to do all we can to make sure you are still getting your treats AND staying safe!

Simply call the store 320-259-7105 and place your order over the phone (you will have to pay at that time) than drive up to the front of the store and we will run your order right out to you! Its that easy!!!

Of course our store will be open and operating as usual for those who would like to come in and browse, our hope was to give people the alternative to ensure they weren’t missing out on all things Gluten Free, if they were feeling uneasy about going into a public setting at this time!

So, give us a call, 320-259-7105 and make sure you are stocked up on your gluten free supplies.

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We are delivering to you!

Order Today! 320-259-7105.  See below for menu. Bloomington, Maple Grove and Elk River we are coming to your hometown!

As a thank you to you, we are offering a $10 gift certificate to you on future delivery orders! 

bloomingtonNew Location Added!!!!! We are now delivering to Bloomington at 12pm on Sat March 14th! We will be delivering at The Super WalMart parking lot. Address, 700 American Blvd E, Bloomington.

Full menu options available!



maple grove

We are heading to Pier 1  parking lot for those of you who are near Maple Grove! Order your goodies and enjoy hot fried donuts, cinnamon rolls and pies!




elk riverWe are delivering to Elk River at 9AM on Sat morning in the Home Depot parking lot! All our goodie options right to your door (well pretty close!!) Call today and order



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It just matters…

Can one small business make a difference? Do you ever wonder what the impact of small business is on a comsupport local amazinmunity? Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if the spirit of small business faded out in the wake of the Amazon, and instacart world we live in?

I know it feels good to support local, or at least that is what all the ads used to tell us, but how often do you actually stop to think about your buying power, and your ability to support your local businesses. Whether it is a bakery, or some other unique small business that sets your community, your town, your state, apart.

It is not always practical to support local, we know that, but have you ever thought about what your local businesses do the your communities. The vast majority of small businesses support their community. in many different ways, from merchandise donations, to financial contributions we are always looking for ways to give back to the world around us. 

We know it takes many stores to make the world go round, and that it takes both local and national stores to help supply your needs and wants.  After all my world would not be nearly as happy without a Caribou coffee in one hand and some tasty cupcakes from Mixin’ It Up in the other!

We all have a certain amount of time, and money, and with that we try to do the best we can with what we have. We know that, and that is why we appreciate SO much when you chose us over the national chains! We know you *can* go somewhere else, though it is a mystery as to why one would, it means more than we could say when you do come in and buy food from a local bakery! 

As we journey forth being a small business, with our eyes towards the future and our hearts ready for whatever adventure awaits us, we ask you our customers, to please make sure that you are supporting us, your local gluten free bakery. 

For so many small businesses, one or two rough months could mean the difference between being here for the long haul or not, We see it all around us again and again as many small businesses shut their doors.

When you add the on additional challenges those of us with food allergies, sensitivities and food sensitive diseases face, it is downright challenging to find safe places to eat to start with and most of those stores who do serve the food allergy community are in fact small local businesses in Minnesota, who do so because they love their community and want people to have a safe place to go and eat. 

While we would love it if you would consider putting some of your shopping habits, whether weekly, monthly, or somehow consistently towards shopping with Mixin’ It Up, we ask that in general you would remember that it is the heart of small business who uplifts and supports so many other things in the surrounding communities.  So when you are able, if you could, would you consider adding supporting those local Celiac Safe places to your “to -do” lists consistently so we can continue to serve you and your families for many years to come.

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Feeding our hearts and souls


When I was little, my great grandma Kit, lived about a block away from us. She was the epitome what all grandmas should be. Adorable, cheerful, and always (and i mean ALWAYS) managing to have fresh baked desserts at her house ready when ever we dropped by, which was often.

My favorite dessert she made, was her apple crisp, fresh out of the oven, and melt in your mouth amazing especially top with a hardy amount of vanilla ice cream! My mouth is watering as I remember!

Oh how I miss those long ago days! One of my most prized possessions still are her recipe cards that I cherish so dearly. While she has been gone a long while, her memory and her spirit of feeding the body and the heart live on.

You may be wondering why I am cruising down memory lane with you, and more importantly what this has to do with our little bakery….

Mixin’ It Up is small local business, whose passion is recreating gluten free food in such a way that you experience those same wonderful nostalgic memories when you bite into any of our yummy creations. We wanted to take that passion one step farther, and create mixes so you can create those same wonderful memories with your children and grandchildren! 

There is nothing better than fresh bake brownies or molasses cookies. We have pizza mixes for those of us who love to throw together a little family pizza party, or just making up a quick fun dinner! The recipes are simple to make, and taste wonderful! 

Take the time, bake the treats, and embrace those family members. We never know what special things we do the uplift the hearts of others but we do know that it is important to feed the body and soul and we can think of no better way to do so than with brownies!

In a world where life passes us all by to quickly, please take that moment, bake that dessert and give those who around you the tasty and precious memories that last a lifetime!



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Maple Grove & Elk River Delivery!

we deliverEach year we get more customers, requesting more and more yummy goodies! We are always so honored to each of you who decide to make Mixin’ It Up your hometown bakery, whether you are right next door, or you meet us at one of our Delivery Locations (and we love all of you who drop by other stores are products are in to keep supporting local throughout so many communities!)

We are heading the Elk River and Maple Grove on Nov 23rd with Pies, Buns, Rolls, Desserts! We know if you are like us, and are busy and dont always have time to call when we are open, this delivery we are trying something a little new, so that means be patient with us as there may be a few kinks to work out but we will get it done!

Now you can go to our “Shop” and order all of your items for delivery HOWEVER in the comments box make sure you write that we are delivering to you and at which location!

Next type in FREETOME in the discount tab and this will automatically remove shipping charges of $10.

We are working to make this easier, and more efficient for you, our customers! Make sure you order BY NOV 19TH to get it delivered!!!

As always you can call 320-259-7105 and place your order by phone, and after all you get to talk to me, so that makes a phone call worth it 🙂 but we wanted to give our customers a few more options


Make sure you remember:

Elk River we are at the Home Depot parking lot at 9am in a white truck

Maple Grove we are at the Pier 1 parking lot at 10am in a white truck.

Make sure you remember to meet us as we drop off quickly and move to the next location!

Looking forward to making this happen once again!