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Feeding our hearts and souls


When I was little, my great grandma Kit, lived about a block away from us. She was the epitome what all grandmas should be. Adorable, cheerful, and always (and i mean ALWAYS) managing to have fresh baked desserts at her house ready when ever we dropped by, which was often.

My favorite dessert she made, was her apple crisp, fresh out of the oven, and melt in your mouth amazing especially top with a hardy amount of vanilla ice cream! My mouth is watering as I remember!

Oh how I miss those long ago days! One of my most prized possessions still are her recipe cards that I cherish so dearly. While she has been gone a long while, her memory and her spirit of feeding the body and the heart live on.

You may be wondering why I am cruising down memory lane with you, and more importantly what this has to do with our little bakery….

Mixin’ It Up is small local business, whose passion is recreating gluten free food in such a way that you experience those same wonderful nostalgic memories when you bite into any of our yummy creations. We wanted to take that passion one step farther, and create mixes so you can create those same wonderful memories with your children and grandchildren! 

There is nothing better than fresh bake brownies or molasses cookies. We have pizza mixes for those of us who love to throw together a little family pizza party, or just making up a quick fun dinner! The recipes are simple to make, and taste wonderful! 

Take the time, bake the treats, and embrace those family members. We never know what special things we do the uplift the hearts of others but we do know that it is important to feed the body and soul and we can think of no better way to do so than with brownies!

In a world where life passes us all by to quickly, please take that moment, bake that dessert and give those who around you the tasty and precious memories that last a lifetime!




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